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You may contact me to discuss any website project that you need. Thank you for supporting me! Now allow me to return the favor!

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What a car wreck this last couple of years has been. Start a new website!!

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Sometimes, we all need someone to spur us into action. Let me be there for you, be your sounding board to get your website off of the ground!

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I am a master organizer, with multiple degrees in Business, Project Management, Computers, and more. Use them all!

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Resume Writing

I have worked with numerous friends and relatives over the years, helping them to fine tune their resumes.

Okay, I know -- anyone can say that. BUT can they also say this? I have hired numerous companies and used HR resources, supervisor input as well for my own resume. Other than a minor aesthetic tweak here and there the feedback is always the same: 'It looks great. I wouldn't change a thing.' My track record for the friends and relatives on getting that job they were applying for? 100%.

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Whether you need web design, help with your business' business plan, proposals, organization, project management -- I can help you! Is social media marketing daunting for you? I can be your representative on all of the forums and social media sites that you need a presence on these days if your business services customers in any manner, even B2B!

We can work together to get your dream realized. big, little, even smaller.  I take on all kinds of projects. I have many hobbies that turned into careers. I believe in enjoying what you do for a living: do what you love to do, and it never feels like work! I know a little, about a lot! PCs, MACs, web design and hosting, graphic design, coding, DIY stuff around the home or office: chalk-painting and restoration, classic car restoration: bodywork and welding, and much more!


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I have always been a geek. Computers, cars, electronics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, RPG, MMORPG, LARPing; you name it, I have probably (and possibly still) done it! I saw something recently that fits me to a 'T' --  I'm a web geek with personality.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Management (now called Computer Networking), a Master's degree in Business Administration, and a second Master's degree in Project Management. My boyfriend and I met at DeVry University in the same computer networking program, and we work as a team for CCTV and Security DVR systems.  We work nationwide via a team of technicians. Essentially, whatever your business or technology needs are, together, we can get them done for you!

I have decades of experience -- you know the saying 'jack of all trades, master of none?'  I say that I am a jack of all trades, master of several!



What does that mean to you? I have been involved with a business or two, or ten, and have created business plans, grant applications, mission statements, non-profit events, and more! If you need help, I can work with you -- even if all you need is a sounding board! Let's get your ideas moving!

In this day and age? You know you need a website, even if it's just what I call your 'business-card-on-the-web.'  Information only for your customers to find you: space that is all about you - and how to contact you!

The first thing I do offline, when someone recommends a business to me, is open up a web browser and find them online; info, reviews, discount coupons!

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You started thinking 'hey those commercials make designing a website look so easy'  Right? and then, poof! you're in no man's land of all the crazy lingo: domain name, DNS, registrar, what-have-you! So then you start looking to find some help online, and here you found me! Let me deal with all of that for you! We can work together and get you the site you have been dreaming of!  I just need a few things from you: look up some sites you really like, think of the colors you want and relay that to me! Let's build your online brand together! Think of your site as a blank page and let's fill it!  I know some sites say it is easy so you probably have that in mind. If you are not a computer savvy geek, get that right out of mind. It will drive you crazy! It is why I got into this initially -- calling all of the providers on behalf of my soon-to-be-clients. I thought this is not as difficult as they make it! and to me, it isn't!

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”


Located in Las Vegas, NV

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I can meet you somewhere local (Las Vegas) if you are more comfortable doing that, or you can send me an email: